Project Finance Management

Project Finance Management

It is anticipated that maximum efficiency will be achieved for every pro- cess for implementing innovations that will disrupt traditional economic practices and fast-paced changes in the infrastructure sector, as economically and financially viable. Many management items such as budgeting target costs for increasing project efficiency, monitoring and improving these costs during the project, evaluating project finance as process and stage and optimizing resources and activity processes are successfully implemented both in ERBIL‘s own work

Transportation Systems

The projects of sustainable transportation network by using the natural and economic resources make the protection and amendment of the environmental conditions significant. In this point of view, ERBİL serves innovative design and consulting services for the state highway, urban road, motor way, tunnel, bridge, rail and light rail system projects considering the economic and ecological resource management. The working groups of ERBIL consisting multi disciplinary engineering and design staff create the projects considering not

Water Management

The increasing demand of water of both high quality and high amount in recent years makes the technological investments inevitable. The scientific and technical developments in water engineering area encourage ERBIL to produce competitive, professional solutions in design projects. These projects bring the multi-disciplinary ERBIL staff together in order to create environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and highly qualified works. ERBIL gains the characteristics of being the company having the services of original and innovative projects,

Environmental Management

The project and consulting services in environmental management in the guidance of the principles and professionalism in high standards have become an identification mark of ERBIL in its carrier of more than 20 years. The work of the projects in the solid waste disposal, water and waste water treatment that are strongly based on innovative engineering and the supervisory services in the construction phases of these integrated systems carry both the technical superiority and the

Site Consulting

Erbil, serves its clients site consulting services for the engineering works in order to prevent the possibility of occurring any kind of unexpected trouble. ERBIL‘s specialists offer solutions in the fields of objective consulting, reporting and strategic planning by investigating the project site and analyzing the working processes of the project planned to be implemented. These works including the disciplines of the earth sciences are performed with the help of the literature investigation, corporations with

Project Management

ERBIL serves the effective and innovative project management services including analyzing, planning, implementing, evaluating and reporting in national or international re- and proactive projects of its activity area. The project development groups consist of highly educated and experienced professionals determine the purpose, the target, the origin of the projects in all dimensions which are significant for the project management. Project managers offer feasible, alternative engineering solutions and develop innovative and sustainable sub-targets by being in