Water Management

Water Management


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The increasing demand of water of both high quality and high amount in recent years makes the technological investments inevitable. The scientific and technical developments in water engineering area encourage ERBIL to produce competitive, professional solutions in design projects. These projects bring the multi-disciplinary ERBIL staff together in order to create environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and highly qualified works.
ERBIL gains the characteristics of being the company having the services of original and innovative projects, consulting and engineering by its activities in water supply engineering in national and international area. The modern project management criteria successfully applied according to the frame of ERBIL‘s guiding principles has the target that each water supply project creates local and regional developments with high life standards. The projects, simulation works and data processing techniques created by using updated versions of special software programs play big role in minimizing errors in the works.

The services in water supply engineering,

– Drinking Water Projects
– Irrigation Projects
– Stormwater Projects
– Wastewater Projects
– Hydraulic Infrastructure Projects