Erbil Project From Past To Present


ERBIL Project Consulting Engineering Inc. became its final status when the personal company which was established by three experienced partners in 1986 was changed its caption and status in 1990. ERBIL sustained to develop the capacity of activity and profession by implementing the innovative engineering works in its growth period of more than 25 years. ERBIL applying engineering science in infrastructure projects for increasing the life standards and sustainable development conserves its position becoming a leader company with the principle of serving the superior quality of services based on the reliability and gladness of partners. The innovative, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions in national and international projects are the main idea to answer both today’s and tomorrow’s demands.

ERBIL with its references in its activity area completed hundreds kilometers of highway projects; various bridge and tunnel designs and projects, thousands kilometers of potable water, sewerage and storm water – drainage projects; water and waste-water treatment plants, solid-waste projects, pumping stations, water reservoirs and the design of superstructure & infrastructure systems. ERBIL creates these projects with its highly motivated engineers and technical staff under the control of the experienced professional project managers.

Board of Directors

Ertuğrul DİZDARChairman of the Board, Co-founder

Altan DİZDAR, Member of Board, General Manager, Co-founder

Çağan DİZDAR, Member of Board, Civil Engineer (m.sc)

M.Candan AKALINCivil Engineer

Nihat ÜNLÜCivil Engineer

Rasih KORMALIGeological Enngineer (m.sc)