Environmental Management

Environmental Management


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The project and consulting services in environmental management in the guidance of the principles and professionalism in high standards have become an identification mark of ERBIL in its carrier of more than 20 years. The work of the projects in the solid waste disposal, water and waste water treatment that are strongly based on innovative engineering and the supervisory services in the construction phases of these integrated systems carry both the technical superiority and the criteria protecting of the ethical values which are significant elements of the relationship between the environment and the humans.
ERBIL, which creates economically feasible, environmentally sustainable solutions and projects and has the targets of sustainability of the life standards at the highest level, is also appreciated by its clients due to its activities. Forming the dynamic groups special for each project by bringing together the multi-disciplinary ERBIL staff, preparing the technical and supervisory programs considering the project management criteria, submitting the end product on time are the basement of ERBIL‘ s respect to its clients. The projects, simulation works and data processing techniques created by using updated versions of special software programs play big role in minimizing errors in the works.

The services in environmental management,

– Solid Waste Projects,
– Water Treatment Projects,
– Wastewater Treatment Projects