IPA Projects

What’s IPA Project?

The EU established a new financial aid system in 2007 to provide efficient resource transfer to candidate or potential candidate countries. This system was also called IPA (Instrument for Preaccession Assistance). The first phase of this financial cooperation, which constitutes an important dimension of Turkey-EU relations, was implemented under IPA I in 2007-2013.

The main objective of the assistance provided under the IPA, the management of the Community’s cohesion policy and the preparation of the application providing the candidates and to contribute to potential candidate countries, it is them will be introduced upon accession to prepare for the structural funds administration and therefore provide support in preparation for the EU membership of these countries.

For this purpose, serving the needs and priorities of the candidate countries towards accession to the EU under the IPA projects are supported. The financial assistance provided through the projects is aimed at harmonization with the EU and the establishment of the administrative capacity for this harmonization. However, projects aimed at ensuring economic and social cohesion (regional development, agricultural and rural development, cross-border co-operation and SME projects) are increasing day by day in financial assistance.

Supervision For Construction of Mobitek in Kayseri

Mobitek project in Kayseri is part of the program established by the European Union and IPA to support countries in transition and in the process of pre-accession to the European Community. The priorities for assistance agreed between the Turkish authorities and the Commission have been translated into three operational programs: Transport, Environment and Regional Competitiveness.

An operational structure for Regional Competitiveness (RCOP) was created by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and has, as a main aim, to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish economy in order to converge with the economy of EU and reduce socio-economic disparities in selected regions and sectors of activity. The region of Kayseri and the furniture production sector were chosen to be part of this program.

The project consists on the construction of facilities to be shared by the furniture industry fromthe region offering basic manufacturing support services, as well as specialized services for the development of the business. Two blocks, an industrial building of 6.970 m2 for manufacturing and another one with 1480 m2 for administrative services, with five floors and an auditorium,are being built.

The project started with the implementation of the service contract the 14th December 2015 which has a duration of 27 months, ending the 1st of April 2018. The construction works contract started the 3rd of February 2016 and its conclusion is expected to take place the 1st of February 2017.